“...provides leadership and advocates for the stewardship of our natural resources and responsible land use through the provision of education, technical assistance, and partnerships in Summit County.”

Established in 1946, the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District is one of the 88 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the State of Ohio. The District was established to address conservation needs in each county, providing local leadership for soil and water resources conservation and water quality enhancement.

Summit SWCD is a subdivision of the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture and has operating agreements with the following agencies: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Agriculture/Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


The goal of the Summit SWCD’s Education and Outreach Program is to reach the residents of Summit County with a conservation and natural resource management message. We believe that education is the key to an informed and involved citizenry and therefore we provide both information and activities for the varied audiences in Summit County. These audiences include teachers, students and youth groups, business owners, landowners, developers, engineers, contractors, and community and civic leaders. A variety of information and education materials are available from the Summit SWCD office and the SWCD Staff is available to provide education presentations on a wide variety of natural resource issues. If you're interested in our educational services, please contact the Summit SWCD office, or visit our education section for additional information.

Technical Assistance

Local county and city regulations require the review of development plans by the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) describing the erosion and sediment control needs of a site during construction and the storm water quality treatment after construction, must be reviewed and approved by the Summit SWCD. District staff members perform inspections during construction to insure proper installation and maintenance of practices.


The district collaborates with numerous local stakeholders and conservation agencies within the County.