The Summit Soil and Water Conservation District was established in Summit County in 1946, and is one of the 88 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the State of Ohio. The Districts were established to address conservation needs in each county.

Summit SWCD is a subdivision of the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture and has operating agreements with the following agencies: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Agriculture/Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The programs of the Summit SWCD are overseen by a five-member Board of Supervisors who are publicly elected for three-year terms. They serve as volunteers and do not receive any financial compensation. Our current board members are Mike Rorar, Craig Graf, Robert Bobel, Marty Hilovsky, and Dennis Stoiber.

Summit SWCD Board meetings are free and open to the public, and are held on the third Monday of every month. Please check the calendar for updates and changes in time and date including the annual meeting date.

  • Brian Prunty, District Administrator, (330)-926-2448
  • Jeannine Royer, Administrative Assistant, (330)-926-2445
  • Sandy Barbic, Education Specialist, (330)-926-2452
  • Julie Berbari, Stormwater Specialist, (330)-926-2446
  • Stephanie Deibel, Stormwater Specialist, (330)-926-2455
  • Alina Godbey, Stormwater Specialist, (330)-926-2443

“To provide local leadership and technical assistance for innovative programs to conserve the soil,
improve water quality, and enhance the natural resources of Summit County.”