The 2018 Native Plant Sale is going on now. Order yours today!!

Native plants offer many benefits from improving soil health to keeping our waterways clean. The long root systems of native plants extend deep within the soil, creating a system of channels that allows water to infiltrate into the soil. In addition, these deep root systems can also remove nutrients and other pollutants from the soil and water. They require little or no fertilizer because they thrive in local soil conditions so not only will you save money on chemical and fertilizer applications, but you can help improve the health of our lakes and streams by keeping extra nutrients and pollutants out of our waterways.

We have 7 types of kits available each with 10 different species of native plants. Each kit contains 50 individual plants and costs $125.00 (that’s only $2.50 a plant!).

The Rain Garden kit
The Butterfly/Bird kit
The Xerces Society Pollinator kit
The Shade kit
The Wetland kit
The Prairie kit
The Prairie Grass kit

The deadline to order your native plant kit for 2018 is March 1. The order form can be found in the resource section below. We are unable to accept credit cards. If you are paying in cash, please bring the correct amount to our office. Please do not mail cash.

No need to pick your plant kit up! The native plant kits will be shipped to individual addresses, with deliveries beginning in mid-May. There is no additional charge for shipping.

Order your Native Plants today!!