OUR MISSION: provide leadership and advocate for the stewardship of our natural resources and responsible land use through the provision of education, technical assistance, and partnerships in Summit County.

OUR VISION: to be a trusted leader of an engaged community in support of a sustainable, natural environment for future generations.

OUR HISTORY: Established in 1946, the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District is one of the 88 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the State of Ohio. The District was established to address conservation needs in each county, providing local leadership for soil and water resources conservation and water quality enhancement. With the changing land use in Summit County, much of the district workload has shifted from agriculture to soil conservation in developing areas.


  • SUSTAINABILITY: Stable soils, clean water, and healthy habitats are essential to the continued viability of our community.
  • LEADERSHIP: Apply sound science and innovation as the technical experts in the fields of natural resource stewardship and responsible land use.
  • SERVICE: Engage in trusted, timely, and professional communication with stakeholders.