Our Watershed program initiates and manages watershed planning to restore and protect the water resources of Summit County. This includes collaboration with stakeholders to identify goals and implement projects. These projects include habitat restoration and preservation, watershed tours and field days, homeowner workshops, and the development of Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategic Plans.

What We Do

Develop Partnerships
Managing our local waterways is larger than one agency, one community, one watershed. It’s a big task that requires cooperation and engagement from everyone in the watershed. Together, we can achieve a level of effective watershed management that can’t be reached on our own.

Education and Outreach
Community problems require community-based solutions. Without local support, our efforts would be futile. By increasing awareness and fostering stewardship, we empower an engaged community to develop community scale actions to enhance the health of our watersheds.

Assessment and Implementation
Regular water quality monitoring allows us to better understand the current condition of the watershed. Data collected by staff and volunteers is used to identify and prioritize potential project areas. We work closely with communities to align water quality goals with community interests in order to prevent degradation and improve natural habitat areas.
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